Business Events

The team has also established New Zealand as a business event destination through the Naturally Beyond Convention campaign, with a focus on events such as New Year’s Eve, the World Cup and the Olympics.
The trade and business events calendar is updated on a monthly basis and includes information on upcoming Tourism New Zealand events, including participation and registration information. Below is a list of events organized or sponsored by the Monte Ahuja College of Business. For more information on upcoming tourist and business events and upcoming trade & business events in the Auckland region, including attendance and how to register, and details of the events themselves, see the event lists.
Note: Not all College of Business events appear in the university calendar, and some cannot be pre-booked.
Learn more about this opportunity on May 14 and 15 and get application details here. However, it can jeopardize the success of your event planning by asking customers many questions and not listening adequately to their answers. Whatever type of event you are planning, your research should involve asking your customers too few questions or too many written answers.
Creativity comes into play when you outline the overall feel and look of your event during the design phase of event planning. Remember that working from home keeps your costs down, but you can also start a small event – business planning. The owner or managing director of the company employs temporary staff who can do the office work and help with the preparation of various events.
How much time you have to spend on the work again depends on the specialization you choose. It is in the nature of things that event planning takes a lot of time and effort, as well as a lot of money and time.
If you know of an event that is not listed below, please enter it here so that we can add it to this list. If you have attended the event in your past, vote in favour, and if you have elected me to lead, I will vote for you. All business events must have been attended by at least one of the best events I have found and which must be attended in 2019.
This list is not exhaustive, but the question is divided into three categories: special events, business events and business activities. As the example shows, a particular event can be business – related, purely social, or somewhere in between. How many activities a company carries out depends on the size and type of event, which in turn depends on the specialisation chosen.
There is no easy answer to this question, but independent planners can step in and give special events the attention they deserve. Individuals often find that they lack the expertise and time to plan events for themselves. Planners are often the ones who get them going on a particular aspect of a particular event.
Business owner Martin Van Keken behaved like a successful catering company until he decided to plan an entire event for himself. Broadly speaking, there are two types of planners: professional and independent.
As charities and nonprofits expand, they host galas, fundraisers, receptions and sporting competitions to expand and raise money for their organizations.
Thousands of events take place every year, and small and local events compete with larger ones that require specialized event planning experience. This explains why planners often coordinate the entire event and also provide one or more services for the event. If an event planner decides to withdraw himself from the business, he can start planning events for other companies.
Joyce Barnes – Wolff has been planning in-house events for a retail chain for eleven years and has become self-employed. In addition to her work as an event planner, she also works as a consultant for other event planners and organisers.
In order to coordinate and supervise an event, one can expect to work at least half an evening, but the general rule concerns social events. Some areas of the country and types of events have a season, and in some areas and countries there are events that include a social event in the summer, while in others this is not the case.
The best way to reduce the risk of this type is to do your homework and plan the best possible conditions for your event, such as the weather conditions.
In addition, networking with hotels, caterers, etc. gives you the opportunity to meet people whose services you may need to plan your event. If you meet these people and they know that you offer services, they will refer you to your company and use your services for themselves. The problem was that the customer had to see what he was doing, and the words in the ad would not achieve that.